A Copper Spun Bowl can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

  1. Change the spray Effect - the spray effect can be changed to a unique type of spray jet, to a precast statuary type centerpiece fountain, to a boulder stack type fountain, or bring your own ideas
  2. Change the type of exterior veneer - this can be done with a different style or pattern integrally poured veneer, a tile veneer, an unfinished-smooth exterior, a natural stone veneer or bring your own ideas
  3. Change the shape, size or type of the coping - this can be done with a natural stone (ie limestone, valder stone, granite etc), the coping width and height could be made larger or smaller and can have a different profile of rounded type edges or bring your own idea
  4. Change the interior basins look - this can be done by adding a mosaic tile interior finish, by adding a different interior coloring to the floor and walls, by adding a different type aggregate to the floor of the basin or bring your own ideas

One-off Fountains

The Nantucket Site Feature is a design-concept based on the mass customization ethos, precasting a pre-plumbed, a pre-veneered, pre-copinged concrete fountain basin that's adaptive in a dynamic way. While six modules, four spray effects and a multitude of stains are available, to alter the appearance of The Nantucket Bucket Feature; there are infinitesimal ways of altering the basin to be unique. Here are  a few ways you can design your One-off fountain, based on the Nantucket Bucket precast basin:

   At Archlithic, although we provide the very customizable Nantucket Bucket Site Feature; we appreciate that its' myriad-of-looks doesn't fulfill the needs of every project. Landscape architect's, designers, artists and owners often desire site features of an individual-nature; to fit their vision or project requirements. For this, we offer the following avenues for fulfilling these design goals, they are:     

Multiple Outer Spray Jets Can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

A plumbed Boulder can be added to you Nantucket Bucket

Add an Elevated Metal Column with Burner and to your Nantucket Bucket

A Custom Bronze Sculpture can be added to the Nantucket Bucket

The Nantucket Bucket Flush with a Hardscape

Tile, an enlarged Coping and a Fire Burner on a Nantucket Fountain

A Statuary Centerpiece can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

A Limestone or Kasota Stone Column can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

A spray ring with elevated burner can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

A Weiring wall can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

A Granite Column can be added to your Nantucket Bucket Fountain

The Nantucket Bucket can have Basalt Columns added

The Architect's Corner of 'One-off' Designs

A Custom Bronze Statue can be added to your Nantucket Bucket

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