1) Start with your base unit:

Flag Pole Module - 20'Ft Tall Flag Pole with a 3' x 5' American Flag  and hardware. Complete with Stainless Steel Flag Pole Mount

Add: $2,000

Installation – please inquire with Archlithic™ to get installation pricing for your project

Price: Inquire

4) Additional Considerations:

Sign Holder Module - Stainless Steel Sign base and holder.

Add: $2,500

Christmas Tree Stand – a stand to hold a 6” diameter tree – affixes into the existing mounting points in the fountain basins floor. Add: $1,000

Freight – please inquire with Archlithic™ to get current freight pricing to your project site.

Price: Inquire

Water Feature Module - with one spray effect, stainless steel pump, 10 Watt UV Sterilizer, Fixed Chlorinator, Waterfill assembly, Drain Assembly, Stainless Steel Filtering Grate, Valved Plumbing Assembly.

Add: $5,000                                                                                       

Nantucket Bucket Architectural Site Feature Pricing

Mexican Beach Pebbles – 3-5” Decorative Mexican Beach Pebbles (2”s deep)

Add: $700

Submersible Lighting Package – Three (3) Brass Low-Voltage Fixtures with 5 watt LED RGB (color changing) bulbs, remotely controlled with a 45 watt outdoor low voltage transformer
Add: $1,000

The Nantucket Bucket Base - 8' Diameter - 18" Tall (monolithically poured concrete basin with cast in footing) a precast wall coping, cast in external veneer (up to three color stains), internal coating (one color), Power Post with Timer, 6” x 8” Bronze Plaque   Price: $20,000

3) Add your options:

Fire Pit Module – Natural Gas with Electronic Valve – Remotely Controlled
150,000 Btu – 18” diameter stainless steel ring.

Add: $2,400

Faux Rock – This GFRC rock covers the electrical power post – disguising it - 24” x 24” approx.

Add: $400

Planter Module -  Irrigation Attachment

Add: $1,000

2) Select your Modules:

131200, 131500, 138150, 034500, 034000, 131213, 131223, Mexican Beach Pebbles, Fire Burner Kit, Submersible LED Light Package, Fountain Christmas Tree Stand, Spray Ring Fountain, Cascade Jet Fountain, Frothy Spray Fountain, Submersible Fountain Equipment Fountain, Monolithic Precast Fountain, NANTUCKET ISLAND SITE FEATURE

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