Step 3: Select The Sankaty Fountains  Internal Appearance

Step 1: Select the Spray Type

 How to buildyourNantucket Water Feature

Bronze Plaque

Every Sankaty Fountain comes with a 6"s wide x 8"s long bronze-naming plaque. The owner can chose to name the fountain, dedicate the fountain or leave the inscription portion blank for future engraving.

Step 4: Select The Sankaty Fountains  Plaque Inscription 

A) Spray Ring

The 3' diameter copper spray ring has a quantity of twenty-five brass adjustable jets (1/4" orifice) spraying streams of water in an inward direction. The spray ring can spray up to 3' in height

B) Fleur-de-Lis

Three distinct spray heights and widths are created with this decorative and timeless look. The three-tier spray is created by thirty-seven streams of water flowing from this brass spray head up to 2' in height and 3' wide

C) Frothy Ring

The ring consists of three 3/4" frothy vertical columns of water spraying. The ring is 3' wide with a spray height of up to 2' in height.

D) Center Column

The center column of water is an 1 1/4" vertical - frothy type spray. The column of water can spray up to 2'6" in height

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