Who are we?

Hello, I'm Matthew Orion Bean, the designer of the Nantucket Bucket architectural site feature. I've worked for over 10 years in the architectural design field specializing in commercial fountains, where I've designed thousands of unique water features, of all shapes, sizes, materials and configurations. And having designed, engineered and built these water-feature projects all over the country and indeed throughout the world for hospitals, corporate headquarters, government buildings, sports stadiums, commercial real estate destinations, and for any organization you can imagine; I've learned a thing or two about what goes into an aesthetically pleasing and successful architectural site feature project. While I completely enjoy the creative-process that goes into all water feature projects; their inherent uniqueness is time-consuming in nature, inefficient in costs and untried in operation. So, after years of trying to mate together a traditional concrete site feature with the flexibility and adaptability architects and owners require; I finally completed the Nantucket Bucket.

Growing up in Mystic, CT and spending my formative years traveling, by boat with my family, from Long Island Sound throughout Block Island Sound and all up and down the New England coast. From every quaint little port and cobblestone street I absorbed the classic style and practical nature that so represents New England culture and in-turn, the Nantucket Bucket architectural site feature.

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